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CEO GOD Ultra Review



Ultra is an entertainment platform powered by blockchain and its token $UOS. On the platform you can find a store to buy video games like on Steam but there is much more. Indeed Ultra wants to be more than a video game distributor. They are building a huge entertainment ecosystem.


The first application of Ultra is Theta and is already integrated in Ultra for those who are testing the beta. It’s a decentralized video streaming platform powered by the blockchain too. There is a great alchemy between the two projects.


A marketplace is programmed too. In this place, you’ll be able to buy/sell all items/games you have in your wallet as a NFT. A NFT or Non Fungible Token is a unique digital identifier that cannot be copied, substituted, or subdivided, that is recorded in a blockchain, and that is used to certify authenticity and ownership. Everything will be a NFT on the platform.


A wallet is also available. When you’ll sign up on Ultra with your personal information a wallet will be created freely and automatically. This wallet will be unique and you’ll be able to send funds on it from exchanges if you know how to do it. If not, no problem you can buy directly with your credit card or PayPal and UOS will be bought on exchanges and sent to your wallet to buy a game or an item in a game. Therefore you don’t need to know anything about blockchain to use Ultra and play on it. This will be a big edge to bring Ultra to the masses. Furthermore when you create a wallet you can choose if you want to keep your private key (which serve as security for your wallet like a password). Or if you let Ultra keep your keys with a non custodial technology. In this way even children will be able to play and earn money on Ultra without the risk to lose their keys.


With the fact that each buy on the platform with fiat money will be converted in $UOS on exchanges to buy your NFT (Non fungible token) the effect on the token will be huge. They also said in a livestream in French with « Le Journal du Coin » that we’ll be able to buy on Ultra platform with most cryptocurrencies other than $UOS and they will convert it in UOS on exchanges… so bullish for the token. (Not really confirmed for that one).


These applications are currently known but we can imagine that the team is working on a lot more. And when the platform will be running for everyone developers can create applications/games etc and it’ll be a really big ecosystem.


We already know that Ultra is working with an other blockchain team CUDOS. With this partnership it’ll be possible to mine crypto-currencies (like ETH) with the available power of your computer. The crypto earned in mining will be sold on exchanges and converted in UOS again. Then you’ll be rewarded in UOS. So you are passively winning UOS while gaming/working on your computer. And you can buy games/items with the UOS you earned.


You’ll be able to win some UOS in testing beta versions of games, watching ads, etc. And with their partnership with you’ll also be able to spend UOS on Amazon, eBay or Walmart. Therefore you can buy physical goods with virtual tokens earned by playing video games, or mining with the power of your computer… Very revolutionizing.


Ultra will be attractive for everyone. It will be benefit to all actors in the ecosystem : Developers, influencers, users and obviously creators.


1/ Developers

Developers have an incentive to publish on Ultra. Indeed distribution fees are only 15% (12% for Ultra and 3% for referral) compare to 30% on most of the platforms. Ultra also ensures that users can find their games with better tools for exploration and filtering. They can benefit from the Ultra SDK (Software Development Kit) which is a collection of software development tools in one installable package. They facilitate the creation of applications by reducing time of development and costs.


Developers can benefit from the resale on the platform too. Actually for each resale on the platform they can earn a % (set by themselves). It can be really huge on mainstream games particularly.


2/ Influencers

Regarding influencers and all players on the platform a referral link will be available when you create your account (which will create a wallet automatically too). When you refer new members you’ll earn 2% of each buy on games by these members. Furthermore you’ll earn 1% on each buy if these members refer other members ! It will be very interesting for influencers with billions followers. Influencers can also work directly with developers to bring people to their game and earn a % on each buy. So influencers can earn twice : by bringing new members to Ultra and by bringing members to a specific game.


3/ Users

Ultra offers more functionalities than any other platforms. Current game distributors are quite limited. On Ultra everything will be available in one platform. It means you can play games, watch streams, buy/sell games/items, etc… with one account only. When you create your account a wallet is automatically associated and you can buy games with credit card or PayPal like a classic platform. You don’t have to go on exchanges which is quite laborious for a beginner. Where it gets interesting in terms of the concept of Marketplace is that everyone will be able to buy/sell games/ items as NFTs without transaction fees. It will be possible to earn items in games and sell on the marketplace to earn money. The time you use to spend on games will be profitable. Therefore it’s a win-win relation for everyone. From there possibilities are endless. Almost anyone will be able to create an application or just play a game to earn money. I can imagine a lot of people will quit their job and make a living of their passion. In addition of being a win-win system, Ultra allows to users to really own their games/items. Indeed on Ultra games and items are NFTs. These NFTs are unique and stored in your wallet. When you want to sell it you can do it on the marketplace. You really have the power on what you own. This is possible with the blockchain technology and that’s why Ultra have a huge edge over classic platforms.


Ultra have partners in crypto like Theta (who was top 10), Cudos, The Sandbox and Elrond. But also in gaming with top players like AMD (a world leader in semiconductors, microprocessors, graphics board, etc), Ubisoft (Creators of Assassin’s Creed, Watch Dogs, Far Cry, etc), Atari (famous videos games console creator).


Let’s introduce the team managing this ambitious project :

The co-CEOs David Hanson and Nicolas Gilot are knowing each others since 20+ years. By the past they used to work together. They found and sold several companies and recently worked with AMD to build a console for the Chinese market. They have huge connections and experience in this domain. They started to build Ultra 4 years ago and have more than 60 developers working on it. AMD was here when they start to cogitate about the platform.


Then we have Mike Dunn CTO of Ultra. He was CTO of Dell in 1997 and CTO of Time Warner in 1999. You can check on LinkedIn for more. Edward Moalem is the CSO of Ultra. He was Senior Manager Consumer Games at Apple in 2000 and Senior Director Content Acquisition in 2006. He managed big teams. According to CEOs he has a lot of connections with big companies.


They also have advisors like Allen Foo who is their advisor on the Chinese market. He was the director of Microsoft for 12 years ! Or also Ritche Corpus who is at the Head of Gaming and professional software worldwide at AMD.


The utility of the token is huge besides. Indeed every buy on the platform require UOS. And if you buy something with fiat it’s automatically converted in UOS on exchanges to buy it. The team estimates that 40% of the money injected in the platform will stay in UOS but it can be more. 80% of the supply is already out only the 20% remaining can be had in the future and less than 1% of inflation per year.


You can check how money will flow in the ecosystem :


UOS holders can also be rewarded in NFTs if they stake their UOS tokens. Imagine earning rare NFTs in your favorite games in staking your coins so revolutionary.


Mainnet is now running since June and everyone will be able to create an account by the end of July and have access to their wallet and referral link. The other functionalities will be added by the end of the year. Everyone will be able to #GameonUltra in 2021. I’m hugely hyped for this and hope you are too !


The secret sauce will come in 2022 and will be an edge against the biggest companies according to CEOs. That’s why big names are in. David said it’s like when iOS arrived and blow everyone’s mind.


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