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Ultra FAQ

  • Where can I find Ultra on the AMD website?
    AMD Blockchain Technologies


  • Where can I find the Yahoo Finance video featuring Ultra?
    Yahoo Finance


  • What is the UOS supply and inflation rate?
    The total supply of UOS is 1 Billion tokens. The maximum supply of UOS is 1 Billion tokens + less than 1% inflation per year that will be used to pay for Block Production costs (servers, bandwidth, etc.). The exact inflation rate will be publicly disclosed every year once we know exactly how much needs to be minted.


  • What is the circulating supply?


  • Seed, Presale and IEO
    Initial Coin Offering (ICO): Ultra raised $6,381,611 between two different rounds, the seed and the presale.
    Seed: 5.21% of all tokens were sold for a price of $0.063
    Presale: 3.95% of all tokens were sold for a price of $0.071, 0.39% of all tokens were sold for a price of $0.077
    Initial Exchange Offering (IEO): Ultra raised an additional $5mm, with a token price of $0.05 per token on Bitfinex.
    More information on the UOS token metrics and allocation can be found here


  • Can I stake UOS?
    Currently, you can stake UOS tokens by adding liquidity to the Uniswap pool
    You can also stake UOS tokens by adding liquidity to the Bancor pool
    There aren't any additional reward programs ongoing but native staking features will progressively be implemented to allow users to stake their native (swapped) UOS tokens. The various staking benefits will include:
    - Increasing your transaction priority (Ultra Power)
    - Earning NFTs (games, items, etc.)
    - Accessing special events


  • Are there any job opportunities at Ultra?
    Ultra Careers


  • Where can I store ERC-20 UOS off exchanges?
    Any Ethereum wallet where you hold the private key is best i.e LedgerTrezor and MEW (MyEtherWallet)


  • Where can I store native mainnet UOS off exchanges?
    Native mainnet UOS can be stored in the Ultra wallet, signup and download here ULTRA WALLET


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